PES University Selection process in 2024

PES University Selection process in 2024

Finding details regarding PES University Selection process in 2024. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

PES University Selection process in 2024
PES University Selection process in 2024

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Hostel Admission

Admission Procedure In Detail

Step 1. Introduction of the Local Guardian [LG]

  • An LG, aged 35 Years or more, is a must. The LG should know English. Parents have to identify a proper LG. The Identified LG should be introduced to the Warden / Asst Manager.
    If approved as acceptable by the Warden / Asst Manager, can go to step 2

Step 2. To Register & Attend the Briefing session.

  • Students, Parents, and the Local Guardian should necessarily attend the Briefing session.
  • Should register at the Hostel office on a convenient available date to attend the Briefing session by Student, Parent & Local Guardian together.
  • Students, Parents & Local guardians should be seated at least 10 minutes earlier to the start of the Briefing session in the venue prescribed.
  • Once the meeting starts, nobody will be allowed to get in.
  • The use of mobile is not allowed during the Briefing session.
  • Children are not allowed to the Briefing session area.
  • The Briefing session, followed by the issue of the Application form to interested, will take around 3 Hours duration.
  • After the completion of the briefing session, interested may obtain the Application form by paying Rs. 100/-
  • The hostel Application form will be issued in the same venue. The Application will be issued only after attending the Briefing session.

Step 3. Submission of duly filled Hostel application form along with all enclosures

Step 4. Payment of Hostel fee: To be paid only through DD drawn in favor of “PESIT Hostel”, payable at Bengaluru. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Personality Development Program (PDP)

 It is conducted by professional trainers/experts from corporate as also as dedicated in-house faculty to actually bring a change in the traits of students in terms of values, behavior, and personal growth. It enhances their body language, and self-discipline, including boosting one’s confidence, improving language speaking abilities, and widening their scope of knowledge.

Techno-Cultural Club 

The Institute encourages various Technical Clubs & Societies. These Clubs are involved in the preparation of novel projects in pharmaceutical Sciences. They develop awareness about new technologies and unleash the creative skills of students.

Resume Writing

Trains students about the current trend to present their Personal, Educational & Professional achievements and Strengths in an impressive manner. They learn how to write cover letters through which they can efficiently present their extra information. They also get exposure to Social Professional Sites like LinkedIn.

Group Discussion

 Help students to improve their ability to understand a topic/idea from different perspectives. They are able to realize its importance as a standard recruitment and selection tool. Students are trained to demonstrate their leadership, teamwork, oral and body language skills.

Personal Interview

 A platform to train students in improving their listening abilities and handling the interviewer’s questions and answering accordingly so that they are able to remove hesitation and anxiety during the placement process.

Social Activities

Under this, various activities are undertaken by student volunteers like Blood Donation Camps, Free Medicine Distribution Camps, Tree-Plantation Drives, etc. which enhance their team spirit and time management skills and also bring social welfare awareness.

Cultural Activities

The various activities undertaken are-Singing, Dancing, Playing Musical Instruments, Compering, Skits, Band, Stand-up Comedy, Poetry, Fashion Shows etc. These activities help to develop self-confidence, cultural interest, creativity, and a sense of cooperation among students.

Literary Activities

The various activities undertaken are – Extempore rounds, Speeches, Debates, Paper Writing, Group Discussions, etc. They develop creativity and communication skills among students in a competitive, yet conducive environment.

Fine Arts and Photography

 The various activities undertaken are-Painting, Caricature, Photograph Collection, Mehndi, Rangoli, Nail Art, Arranging Exhibitions etc. It helps students to develop the talent of their interest and innovative ideas.

Games & Sports:

 The Institute strongly believes that a healthy physique leads to a healthy mind. The Institute encourages sports culture and students also reciprocate by actively €participating and distinguishing themselves at the Zonal and State Level Sports Meets.


The library strives to offer exceptional service by acquiring, organizing, and providing access to information resources specializing in the fields of science, engineering and technology, and management and employs state-of-the-art technologies to support learning, teaching, research, and innovation. The library is a part of the university that touches everyone-every student, faculty member, researcher, and in every academic field. Central Library functions as a centralized agency for the procurement of books, journals, and other documents required by all departments of the University and learning community. Collection Development is done based on the recommendations of the Department Heads and feedback received from students and faculty members. Continuing efforts are directed towards building the collection to ensure that it remained relevant and up-to-date in support of teaching, learning, and research needs. Emphasis is given to diversifying the collection from being primarily print-oriented to including video, multimedia, and other digital materials.

PES University Selection process in 2024

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Finding details regarding PES University Selection process in 2024. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

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