How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? We at Admission Chanakya understand students’ stress and difficulties while applying for courses in top colleges because of the increased competition. We help students to increase their chances of getting admission to their preferred courses in top MBA colleges. We provide admission assistance, guidance, and counseling for student increases to top colleges and universities in India.

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How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar
How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar

Welingkar Institute of Management studies – Mumbai

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? The WeSchool campus is where ideas, innovation, and cutting-edge global dialogues come alive. Our campuses in Mumbai and Bengaluru, draw students from diverse cultural, personal, and professional backgrounds. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like Wi-Fi and innovation labs; they enable a new wave of collaborative learning. Established in 1977, We School works under the aegis of S.P. Mandali Trust, one of the oldest trusts in the space of education. Our school has two campuses: Mumbai and Bengaluru. We School has chosen the ‘design thinking approach towards management education. All our efforts and manifestations, as a result, stem from the integration of design thinking into management education. We dream of creating an environment conducive to experiential learning.

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Infrastructure of Welingkar Mumbai

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? WeSchool boasts exceptional infrastructure, characterized by a highly advanced and fully equipped technical framework. The institution provides students with the convenience of accessing prepared class materials, auditorium events, and library resources through online platforms. This approach has significantly contributed to the overall satisfaction with the college’s infrastructure. The campus features comfortable and well-facilitated classrooms that create an optimal environment for learning. In particular, WeSchool’s business management courses are thoughtfully crafted to deliver a comprehensive grasp of management concepts. These courses are designed to not only enhance students’ technical knowledge but also foster the development of essential soft skills. The educational methodology employed at WeSchool blends modern and traditional strategies, resulting in an effective and engaging learning experience. This approach empowers students to absorb information most effectively while instilling the belief in their potential to excel as adept decision-makers and valuable contributors in the professional realm. The faculty at WeSchool comprises highly experienced educators, with a substantial majority possessing over 30 years of teaching expertise. Notably, several faculty members also hold leadership positions as CXOs in various companies. Responding to the institution’s needs, some faculty members willingly conduct extra classes at the close of each week, utilizing these sessions to impart their invaluable insights. It’s worth mentioning that the classroom sessions are not only enlightening but also entertaining, ensuring that students remain engaged and enthusiastic throughout their learning journey. WeSchool’s commitment to global engagement is exemplified by its collaborations with foreign institutions, offering students opportunities to secure grants and broaden their horizons through international partnerships.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria at Welingkar Mumbai

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? If you want to study a two-year management program at Welingkar, you first need to know the eligibility criteria for the same. So, let’s check out the eligibility criteria for getting direct admission to the Welingkar management quota seat. The eligibility criteria might seem very relaxed but the high cut-offs make it impossible to get into the college. MBA aspirants can contact Mr. Gaurav for direct admission in Welingkar Mumbai under the Welingkar management quota seats.

  • Students need to be graduated from an authorized university.
  • However, there is no restriction for getting certain marks in graduation and academic records, but still you need to confirm the latest details online.
  • Since you are going to take direct admission in MBA or other management course under management quota seat, you first need to know about available seats.
  • You may need to go through written, and verbal tests and interview rounds.
  • Since management quota seats are limited, you need to apply for direct admission to Welingkar as soon as possible.

Program Overview

This program provides the student with a unique opportunity to develop himself/herself in the following areas:

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? Quantitative techniques from basics to advanced

A wide variety of Analytics technologies ranging from SPSS to SAS and open source technologies including statistical programming languages

Qualitative research techniques and Design thinking approaches help in identifying unique opportunity spaces and breakthrough solutions

An emphasis on information design which helps transform data into very intuitive infographics and visual analytics solutions

A strong business foundation – this is offered in the form of core courses similar to other PGDM programs giving an understanding of all functional areas of a business as well as a range of elective courses and verticals that provide deeper insights into specific horizontal and industry-specific issues – all of which is so important for the interpretation of data.

How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar

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Finding details regarding How Can I Direct Admission in Welingkar? Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

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