Christ University Direct BBA Admission

Christ University Direct BBA Admission

Finding details regarding Christ University Direct BBA Admission. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

About Christ University

Christ University Direct BBA Admission. CHRIST (Deemed to be University) was born out of the educational vision of St Kuriakose Elias Chavara, an educationalist and social reformer of the nineteenth century in South India. He founded the first Catholic indigenous congregation, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), in 1831 which administers CHRIST (Deemed to be University).

“CHRIST (Deemed to be University) was established as ‘Christ College’ in 1969. It undertook path-breaking initiatives in Indian higher education with the introduction of innovative and modern curricula, insistence on academic discipline, imparting of Holistic Education, and adoption of global higher education practices with the support of creative and dedicated staff.”

Christ University Direct BBA Admission
Christ University Direct BBA Admission

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The undergraduate program in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is offered by the School of Business and Management as a platform to prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service. It provides the right nurturing ground to enable students to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. Get Christ University Direct BBA Admission

The curriculum for the three-year program (6 Semesters), has been designed to enable the students to get an overview of the various aspects related to launching and managing a business effectively; as well as giving them an opportunity to specialize in a functional area of management that they would like to pursue in their careers. Get Christ University Direct BBA Admission

The BBA program provides students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning through various generic electives from the streams of Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Law, Media Studies, Hotel Management, and Computer Applications. The program focuses on developing the students and equipping them to meet the managerial challenges of the 21st century. The ability to work in teams is also focused upon as a key skill to be developed for success in the workplace.

The program also aims to develop the student’s independent thinking, decision-making capability, and research aptitude. Learning is enhanced through many pedagogical tools like case studies, presentations, internships, research projects, industrial visits, and guest lecturers from a pool of industry experts. Get Christ University Direct BBA Admission

Aimed at the holistic development of the students, the Department facilitates participation in various National and International fests. It also conducts many curricular and co-curricular activities on a regular basis. Social responsibility is a thrust area and students are encouraged to participate in community development initiatives. Get Christ University Direct BBA Admission

Reasons How Studying BBA Will Benefit You:

Professional Degree Early On –

 Most people go for professional degrees after they have finished their graduation, but with BBA, you get to learn about being a professional at a very early stage. You develop analytical and strategic skills, business sense, and many professional talents that will be useful in your professional life.

More Time to Learn Management –

A BBA course is three years long, which gives you more time to learn the fundamentals of management. The courses you do after graduation tends to be only 2 years long with the first year dedicated to the basics of management. So, with a BBA degree, your managerial skills are honed a lot more.

Prepares for Managerial Roles –

Being a manager that too at a young age, can be challenging, but your BBA degree course prepares you well. The course is designed to bring out your leadership skills and helps you see situations from a manager’s perspective.

Costs Less –

BBA degree courses cost much less than an MBA course, despite being a year longer. MBA courses can be expensive. Comparatively, BBA courses are much more affordable. Therefore, if you want to get into management, but cannot afford the huge fees of an MBA, you can consider doing BBA right after your 12th standard.

Helps in Doing MBA –

A majority of the students who enroll in an MBA come from different streams of education, whereas, BBA students come from the same stream of education. Since their fundamentals are strong, they tend to do better than the others and are at an advantage throughout the course.

Stress-free Education –

Students can afford to be a little more relaxed in a bachelor’s degree in comparison to a master’s degree. You can still enjoy your college life as this is one of the most memorable times in a student’s life. Get Christ University Direct BBA Admission

Early Start to Your Career –

Right after you have graduated with a BBA degree, you can find a job and start working. BBA graduates tend to find a job much quicker than other bachelor graduates from other streams. They also get higher salary packages.

Stronger Network –

You can build a stronger network of professionals with a BBA degree. The biggest advantage of this degree is that you are starting your career much earlier. So, you have more time to meet with professionals and build a network with them and your fellow students.

Better Employment Opportunities –

Many entry-level managerial opportunities are just right for BBA graduates. An MBA for such positions would be too qualified. Therefore, BBAs are preferred by companies and find employment much quicker.

Financial Independence –

Since you find employment earlier and start your career, you become financially independent a lot earlier. Plus, you don’t spend a lot on your BBA education, so you don’t need student loans to get educated. Many MBA graduates spend a long time paying off their student debts.

Therefore, if you have decided to do BBA, you have already shown that you are capable of making smart choices right from the start. Make another smart choice by getting admission to Presidency University’s School of Management. Ranked as one of the best B-School in Bangalore, our BBA courses have all the advantages mentioned above. Enquire with our counselors today to know more.

Christ University Direct BBA Admission

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Finding details regarding Christ University Direct BBA Admission. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

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