PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi Reach out to Trump Career Solution for Direct PGDM Admission in Fore School Delhi! Trump Career Solution with its hard-core principle to give the best and nothing apart from that. To achieve this we have set a mission to enable candidates or students wide range of options and provide unstinted support and impeccable guidance in their chosen area of career. Get PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi.

Finding details regarding PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi
PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

About Fore School Delhi

PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi Fore School of Management offers several PG and doctoral programs in the field of Management and is highly recommended for its PGDM program. The admission process of the FORE School of Management is completely based on merit scores in the qualifying entrance exams. Candidates willing to secure admission must apply online on the official website. Before applying, candidates must make sure that they meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the institute. Also, they need to have a valid score/ rank in the course-specific entrance exam. Candidates can check the courses offered by the Fore School of Management along with their respective selections, eligibility criteria, and total course fee in the table provided below. Get PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

CoursesTotal tuition FeesEligibility
MBA/PGDM(4 Courses)INR 16.98 L (for 2 years)Graduation: 50 % Exams: XATCAT
FPM(1 Courses)INR 3.74 L (for 2 years)Exams :CATGATE+2 more certificate
e(4 Courses)INR 12 K – 1 L (for 30 hours-11 month)Exams: CBSE 12th

Recognitions & Accreditations- Fore School Delhi


The PGDM, PGDM (IB), PGDM (FM), PGDM (BDA), and FPM courses at FORE are AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) approved. Get PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

The PGDM &PGDM (IB) courses at FORE are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) till June 30, 2025.

FORE School of Management has also been granted SAQS Accreditation for five years with effect from December 2017.

The PGDM and PGDM (IB) courses are recognized as equivalent to MBA. Equivalence permission is granted by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). direct pgdm

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Specialization-wise List of MBA Courses

Note: The list of elective courses, including those specified as SAPR, is indicative and tentative. Students may opt for these courses subject to specialization requirements, availability, eligibility, limitations on class size, etc.

Effective Leadership Communication Through Theatre Techniques3.0
Communication on Digital Platforms3.0
Effective Workplace Communication Behaviours1.5
Financial Markets, Institutions, and Services (SAPR)1.5
Corporate Communication1.5
Communication Audit1.5
CIS in Communication3.0
Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development in Emerging Economies3.0
Foreign Trade and Exchange Market3.0
Public Policy for NGO Management3.0
Macro Economics& Business Policy3.0
Industrial Organization3.0
Principles of Sustainable Business1.5
CIS in Economics & Business Policy3.0
Machine Learning, Blockchains, Fintech3.0
Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management3.0
Investment Banking3.0
Financial Derivatives3.0
Commercial Banking Practices and Treasury Management3.0
Fixed Income Securities and Structured Products3.0
Wealth Management and Alternative Investments3.0
Project Appraisal and Financing3.0
Applied Financial Risk Management1.5
Financial Strategies for Value Creation (IIP)1.5
Credit Risk Management (IIP)3.0
Machine Learning with Python3.0
Big Data and Data Analytics for Managers (Using Python)3.0
Deep Learning and NLP3.0
Export-Import Procedures and Documentation (SAPR)3.0
Managing Business on Cloud3.0
Functional Analytics1.5 .5
Systems Thinking1.5
Business  Development In IT3.0
Social Media Analytics3.0
Data Summarization and Visualization1.5
Cyber Security1.5
Digital Innovation1.5
Analytics and Machine Learning in Business (IIP course)1.5
Trade and Geopolitics (SAPR)1.5
Cinema, Global Business, and Film Diplomacy1.5
International Management3.0
Export – Import Management: A Starter’s Toolkit3.0
Business in Asia-Pacific3.0
International Economic Organizations3.0
Trade, Technology and Development1.5
Commercial Geography1.5
CIS in International Business3.0
Sales, Distribution, and Retail Management1.5
International Business (IIP Course)1.5
Advanced Marketing Research3.0
Trade, Technology, and Development3.0
Marketing Strategy with MARKSTRAT3.0
Advertising and Brand Management3.0
Consumer Behaviour3.0
Digital Marketing & Analytics with Digital Media Pro3.0
B2B Marketing3.0
International Marketing3.0
Services Marketing3.0
Marketing Models and Analytics3.0
Green Marketing1.5
Marketing Analytics (IIP)1.5
Digital Marketing (IIP)1.5
Employee Relations – Legislations & Compliances (SAPR)3.0
Learning & Development3.0
Competency Mapping3.0
Personal Growth Lab3.0
Performance & Compensation Management3.0
HR Analytics1.5
Strategic HR Management (IIP)1.5
Negotiation Skills3.0
Managing Talent & Career in Organizations1.5
CIS in Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources1.5
Business Analytics – II (SAPR)3.0
Advance Project Management3.0
Procurement Manufacturing Planning & Control3.0
Multivariate Data Analysis3.0
Supply Chain Management3.0
Operations Strategy3.0
Service Operation and Analytics  3.0
Decision Modelling with Spread Sheet3.0
World Class Operations3.0
Global Logistics Management1.5
Healthcare Operations and Analytics1.5
Strategists’ Tool-kit and Competitive Intelligence3.0
Strategy Business Simulations using CESIM3.0
Mergers and Acquisitions3.0
Creativity and Design Thinking for Strategic Value Creation3.0
Strategic Analysis and Globalization3.0
Current and Emerging Trends in Strategic Management1.5
Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures1.5
CIS in Strategy3.0

Skills Required for PGDM Admission?

To study for a Postgraduate Diploma in the Management program and do well both academically and in daily life, ambitious young people who want to study in PGDM must develop several abilities.

Communication: Good communication skills are required of aspiring management professionals. Effective communication should be mastered by management professionals, which includes one-on-one, small groups, large groups, email, and social networking. Listening is the most important aspect of communication for good managers.

Strategic thinking: Strategic thinking is one of the primary skill sets required in management students. Strategic thinking is a systematic and reasonable thought process that focuses on analyzing crucial factors and variables that will influence a company’s, team’s, or individual’s long-term performance.

Leadership Skills: Employee performance can be improved and professional development can be encouraged by having good leadership skills. To keep team members motivated, management professionals must be able to develop goals. Self-awareness, self-control, social consciousness, and interpersonal control are all part of leadership skills.

PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi

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Finding details regarding PGDM Management Quota Admission Fore School Delhi. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at

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