Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission

Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission

Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission.We at Admission Chanakya understand the stress and difficulties nowadays students face while applying for courses in top colleges because of the increase in competition. We help students to increase their chances of getting admission to their preferred courses in top MBA colleges. We provide admission assistance, guidance, and counselling for students to top colleges and universities in India.

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Welingkawelir Bangalore PGDM Admission.Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research Bangalore was established in the year 2008. The institute is also known as Welingkar Bangalore and We School Bangalore. The institute has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and New Delhi. Welingkar Bangalore is run by the trust – Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali, Pune. The autonomous institute has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation. Welingkar Bangalore faculty members have industry experience as well as academic credentials. There are a total of 30 faculty members imparting education at the institute.

Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission
Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission

PGDM Program Overview

We School’s PGDM flagship programme’s multidisciplinary learning offers a fine blend of general management and functional specializations offered in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations. It aims to nurture students as competent future managers with leadership abilities and an innovative mindset combined with exposure to real-life business scenarios.

Its transformative pedagogy includes lectures, on-field industrial projects, and simulation games promoting cross-functional leadership which is delivered by outstanding academicians and renowned Industry experts from leading companies.

Program vision

Provide Industry and Society, Management Graduates having excellence in leadership, entrepreneurial talent, and research, through a continuously innovative curriculum.

Program Mission

  • Contribute to Management knowledge through application-oriented, technology-embedded education & research.
  • Develop responsible management graduates, with risk-managing abilities, through ethics-based education.
  • Promote the culture of global-oriented, critical, innovative thinking, and Social entrepreneurship.
  • Forge meaningful partnerships with Corporates, academia, regulatory bodies, & social sectors, based on consultancy and collaborative research.
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions, domestically & internationally, through continuous interaction with Alumni.

Program educational objectives

  • Management graduates will be able to demonstrate professionalism in their performance of tasks and exhibit value-based and socially responsible behavior in their pursuits and career.
  • Management graduates will espouse the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship in organizations they choose to serve as well as in society.
  • To equip with relevant knowledge in the business domain.
  • Champion social values and ethical behavior in pursuit of sustainable development.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, and innovation to emerge as business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Welingkar Bangalore Admission and course fees

We School intends to give more than what it takes, in order to offer a brighter future to our students. We try to rise above the assured ROI which is just numbers, by adding value and making our students competitive enough to face real challenges, in the dynamic business world.

MBA for Welingkar Course eligibility

A minimum of 50% in graduation, which must be completed by June 2022.

Should have taken CAT (2021) conducted by the IIMs for the year specified in the advertisement (IIMS have no role in the Welingkar admission process) and /or/ XAT (2022) / and/or ATMA (Feb 2022) and/or CMAT (2022) and/or GMAT (2019 onwards).

The selection process for Welingkar

We School’s Unique Profile-based selection process assigns significant value to academic performances, work experience, Group Activity, Personal Interviews along with written test scores.

The Selection process for We School this year includes the following parameters:
1) Qualifying Entrance Test Percentile
Best of percentile in CAT (2021), XAT (2022), ATMA (Feb 2022), GMAT (2019 onwards), and CMAT (2022) will be considered
2) Academics (X, XII, Graduation)
** Basic eligibility of 50% in graduation is mandatory
3) Pre Interview Questionnaire and Personal Interview (PIQ) have been designed to assess your individual aptitude and personality attributes.)40%
4) Extra-Curricular activities, Sports, awards and achievements at District, National, and International levels, Academic diversity, etc.5%
5) Total Composite Score Merit position of the of above parameters will be used for offering admission to a program.100%

Entrance test cut-off

Program/ CampusCAT 2021 / XAT 2022 /
GMAT (2019 onwards)
ATMA (Feb 2022)
CMAT 2022 Score
PGDM, E-Business Research & Business Analytics7580211
PGDM – Business Design & Innovation7075199

About Welingkar PGDM Course AIU Recognized

It was proposed that the program leading to the PGDM diploma course be defined as a full-time, two-year Post Graduate program. The essential qualification for students desirous of studying the PGDM would be an AIU-recognized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The program would attain the standards of study, depth, and coverage suitable for post-graduate studies. The successful completion of the program after meeting all prior statutory requirements stated for the program, would lead to the award of the PGDM diploma course.

About welingkar Bangalore PGDM Course Quality

PGDM quality of education provided will depend on many parameters. Quality may be viewed from the parameters of

  • Course design
  • Course content
  • Study material
  • Delivery,
  • Non-academic facilities
  • Programs, and quality of students/faculty/staff; also infrastructure available
  • Support systems such as IT
  • Academic support is critical

The caliber of students and their aptitude for a career in management is one aspect that should be addressed by the admission process. The contents and coverage of the PGDM. The elective options provide and the quality of the teaching/learning process is academic parameters that will need constant content updating and teaching skill upgradation.

The learning environment and cultural aspects also play a big role

  • Infrastructure
  • Assets (classrooms and hostels)
  • Material resources (library and reading materials)
  • Communication (IT and networking)

All contribute to a seamless learning experience for the student. This must be followed by rigorous formalize appraisal through methods such as essays, and group interactions, as seen appropriate follow by interviews. A complete record must be maintained for each candidate. Transparency and scrutiny will ensure that program intake is always consistent in ensuring the merit and quality of students.

Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission

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Finding details regarding Welingkar Bangalore PGDM Admission. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) or email us at contact@admissionchanakya.com

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