Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT. According to industry reports, the Indian healthcare industry has grown to become one of the most promising and progressive sectors in recent times. The healthcare market with its affiliated services and markets comprises of Health Service Provider Organizations (hospitals) Health Insurance & Managed Care, Medical Equipment & Devices, Pharmaceuticals & Lifesciences, Health Support Services and many others.

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We School’s PGDM Healthcare Management

Weschool’s PGDM Healthcare Management is a uniquely designed program where a confluence of professionals from diverse educational backgrounds – including doctors (Medical/AYUSH/, Dental) nursing, physiotherapists, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals, life-sciences and non-medical streams; come together, all aspiring towards the fulfilment of one universal goal, “HEALTH FOR ALL.”


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What does it mean to Study Health Care Management?


Few industries in the world are expanding as quickly as healthcare, and that growth is not expected to stop any time soon. As the Indian population is huge, our need for healthcare services is increasing as well. Additionally, advances in medical science have allowed people to enjoy greater life expectancies. Therefore, the elderly – the group that uses these services the most – now comprise a greater percentage of the overall population.

Healthcare professionals work as administrators, managers, CEOs, planners and more. Through the efforts of well-trained and caring managers, patients are treated to state-of-the-art facilities, compassionate medical treatment, and an overall positive healthcare experience. Individuals who choose to pursue this career path tend to be sympathetic, caring personality types with an honest desire to help others.

Placement Opportunities: *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

With growing diversity in the healthcare system, executives are needed in many settings, including:

  • Clinics.
  • Consulting firms.
  • Health insurance organizations.
  • Healthcare associations.
  • Hospitals.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Physician practices.
  • Mental health organizations.
  • Public health departments.
  • Rehabilitation centers.
  • Skilled nursing facilities.
  • Universities and research institutions.

Today, an estimated 100,000 people occupy health management positions at numerous organizational levels, from department head to chief executive officer. Requirements for senior-level positions in healthcare organizations are demanding, but these jobs also offer opportunities to improve the system of care giving.

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If you choose this career, your first job might be an entry- to mid-level management position in a specialized area, such as:

  • Finance.
  • Government relations.
  • Human resources.
  • Information systems.
  • Marketing and public affairs.
  • Material management (purchasing of equipment and supplies).
  • Medical staff relations.
  • Nursing administration.
  • Patient care services.
  • Planning and development.

Eligibility: *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Any Graduate from university recognized by AIU with minimum of 50% marks at their graduation level Preference will be given to individuals with a healthcare background including MBBS / BDS / BAMS / BHMS / B.PT (Physiotherapy) / B.OT (Occupational Therapy) / B.E (Biomedical Engineering) / B. Pharm / M. Pharm / BSc. Nursing / BSc – Life Sciences / MSc.

Should have taken CAT conducted by the IIMs for the year specified in the advertisement (IIMS have no role in the Welingkar admission process) and /or/ XAT / and / or ATMA and / or CMAT and / or MH-CET and/or GMAT

Opportunities after PGDM in Healthcare Management

*** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

As baby boomers age, they require more health-related services. This demand has led to healthcare becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, offering an abundance of professional opportunities to the success-driven health management professional. Below are just a few of the numerous opportunities open to trained healthcare management professionals.

Hospital Executives *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Hospital executives provide the backbone for hospital services and facilities. They are responsible for running their facility smoothly and successfully, ensuring optimum patient care and site services. Hospital executives hire doctors and nurses, provide comfortable patient surroundings, and develop state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment.

Group Practice Executives*** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Group practice executives. Like hospital executives, provide patients with a positive healthy experience via clean, pleasant facilities, strong organizational leadership, and financial savvy. However, the group practice executive possesses human resource skills as well.

Healthcare Consultants *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Rather than being tied down to one individual facility. Health consultants cultivate a complete and thorough understanding of this industry as a whole. They offer their knowledge and organizational ability to a wide range of facilities on an as-needed basis.

Home Healthcare Administrators *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Home healthcare administrators provide a vital service to the community. These professionals possess extremely effective organizational skills and must juggle the demands of patients, government agencies, financial auditors.

 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Administrators *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Emergency medical services (EMS) administrators coordinate with hospitals and state agencies to ensure that community members will have the help they need in an emergency situation. EMS administrators coordinate emergency response communication and resources within their geographic area of responsibilities, using their organizational talent to make certain that ambulances and emergency personnel are ready and waiting to help those in need.

Public Health Planners *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Using skills learned in advanced degree programs. Public health planners utilize the many informational tools at their disposal to design effective health programs for their communities. Often called upon to analyse a combination of statistical data, community study results. input from physicians and nurses, and various other resources. public health planners develop beneficial health programs and initiatives that affect a wide range of individuals.

Managers of Patient Safety *** Direct Admission in PGDM – HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT***

Managers of patient safety take on one of the most vital roles in the healthcare industry. The patient safety manager ensures that facility staff carries out patient treatment in a safe manner and in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Patient safety managers must possess the ability to predict and avoid possible future problems. By identifying potential issues, healthcare professionals in this field give patients the assurance they need to feel as comfortable as possible in unfamiliar and potentially intimidating surroundings.

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