Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission

Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission

Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission. We at Admission Chanakya understand students’ stress and difficulties while applying for courses in top colleges because of the increased competition. We help students increase their chances of admission to their preferred courses in top colleges. We provide admission assistance, guidance, and counselling for student increases to top colleges and universities in India.

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Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission
Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission


Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission. DA-IICT is spread over 50 acres of land in Gandhinagar, the Capital City of Gujarat. The DA-IICT campus is caringly planned and designed as an environmentally conscious campus in the country. The architecture of DA-IICT is functional, but what surrounds it is a fascinating garden. The entire design is oriented towards preserving the environment. The campus with trees, lawns, and bushes bearing green leaves and exotic flowers surrounding the buildings and pathways instills environment consciousness among students and enriches their learning. The campus also has an herb garden with species of rare medicinal plants. The landscape was planned and developed in a manner that no rainwater was lost. The irrigation for campus gardens and lawns is carried out with recycled water. Its solid waste management system churns out organic fertilizer out of dry leaves, vegetables, and food waste generated from food courts.

The campus is a haven for bird watchers, with a variety of species of birds being spotted.

DA-IICT can be reached in about 30 minutes from Sardar Valla Bhai Patel International Airport and the Central Railway Station located in Ahmedabad.

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IT Infrastructure

Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission. DA-IICT has a modern eco-friendly, fully networked campus with a 1GBps Internet link from NKN and 1GBps Internet link from Tata Teleservices and 10GBps Server-farm connectivity Campus LAN infrastructure with 1GBps optical fiber cable connectivity between various buildings with four L3 Manageable switch and around 75 L2 manageable/unmanageable network switches. Wireless network setup consists of 143 access points spread over various campus locations being managed at a centralized location using Ruckus 1200/SZVC series zone controllers.

There are over 1300 Desktop PCs and 75 Laptops deployed for use by faculty and staff. DA-IICT has its data center with 30 servers and with 10G switch for a server farm to provide various IT services like email, web hosting, file sharing and software license management, campus management, Imaging of PCs, HPC cluster, and other services. The Institute uses server consolidation and virtualization techniques to reduce power requirements. The Institute also uses open-source online learning management for course content hosting and submission of assignments.

The IT Helpdesk Team consisting of six well-trained engineers extends assistance and support to users. Besides, the well-trained Laboratory and technical staff assist the students and faculty to perform various experiments in Laboratories.

Campus Security

Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission. The campus has round-the-clock security coverage. The security of the campus and residents is administered through a registered private security company that employs well-trained security supervisors and guards. Their work is monitored by the Institute administration as well as the centralized security setup of Reliance ADA Group.

The security staff assigned are well trained to handle all incidents relating to the security of property and campus residents. They are authorized to ask for identification from students, employees, and campus visitors. They report to campus administration on any law violations occurring on the campus.

Communications and Signal Processing

Research is underway on the design and development of software that generates implementations and solves estimation problems using Kalman filters and their variants. From a high-level mathematical description of a state estimation problem, the software aims to generate code that computes statistically optimal estimates using the appropriate estimation filters. Also being developed are motion analysis algorithms to find relevant motion parameters based on available information, in the presence of relatively high error rates in low SNR conditions. Research is being carried out for the development of new circuit topologies for wireless communication and radar systems. Specific research topics include the design and development of miniaturized active integrated antennas, front-ends of wireless communication and radar systems including smart antenna systems; multi-band transceiver design, digital base-band signal processing for wireless communication, multi-band fractal antenna for satellite applications, analysis of radiation from multi-device high-gain amplifier, and interaction of active MMIC with the package.

About Placements

The Placement Cell at DA-IICT is a concept in its form. It has the following structure consisting of three important parts viz. the placement office consisting of the Manager (Placements) and placement secretary, the faculty members, and finally the student representatives from each program. The structure aims to touch all the aspects required for the smooth functioning of the placement process.

Campus placements at DA-IICT provide the students with a foot-in-the-door opportunity, enabling them to start their careers right after they have completed their course curriculum. Furthermore, they get to interact and engage with industry professionals during the placement drives, which further help lay a foundation for their prospective careers in the future as they familiarise themselves with potential contacts from their chosen career field.

The Placement Cell plays a crucial role in locating job opportunities for Undergraduates and post-graduates passing out from the institute by being in touch with reputed firms and industrial establishments. The Placement Cell operates around the year to facilitate contact between companies and graduates. The number of students placed through campus interviews is continuously rising.

We have been successful in maintaining our high placement statistics over the years and the fact that our students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to our quality. Our ingenious alumnae have set new standards in the corporate world through their estimable contributions and it is my firm conviction that we will continue that legacy in the years to come.

Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission

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Finding details regarding taking Bachelor of Technology DA-IICT Direct Admission. Contact Admission Chanakya at +91-9934656111 /+91-9934613222 (Devanshu Sharma) Website – or or email us at

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